The holiday season is so much fun but it also comes with frequent theft claims. Follow these tips to protect yourself, your home and your belongings. (Hint: think Home Alone).

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Get a light timer on your home

Leaving your home dark for the entire holiday season is not an ideal situation. Alternatively paying extra on your electric bill to leave the lights on 24/7, and running the risk of burning out a bulb or two also isn’t ideal. Luckily there is a middle ground. By installing smart lighting in your home, you will be able to control your lights from a far. Smart lights are connected to paired devices, and controlled with an app. You can have complete control over every bulb in your home, and the ability to dim dimmable bulbs all while away from home.

Naturally this is the perfect system for people traveling for extended periods who want to ward off potential burglars.


Get a home alarm system

Safety and peace of mind are the cornerstones to a happy homeowner. The best way to ensure this cornerstone is through a home security system. With home burglaries taking place once every 13 seconds (nearly 6,000 homes per day), it is crucial to protect one’s own home from becoming part of this statistic. In the newest home burglary report, we’ve gone over the how, where, when, and what you can do to improve your home security.

Keep your travel plans offline

In the modern connected age, it can be tremendously tempting to post all of your travel plans and beautiful destinations over social media. Unfortunately, doing so is giving up valuable information to would be burglars. They will have detailed extensive access to your wonderful trip, and a time frame they need for a hassle-free break in. Even using the heightened security features provided on Facebook or Instagram, this information can still fall into the wrong hands.

Inform a trusted neighbor about your travel plans

Having a friendly trustworthy neighbor nearby can be a huge boon. If possible, ask your neighbor to watch over your property, and notify you of any odd behavior. Additionally, to this, it is important to arrange for shoveling of your pathways and driveways in the event of snow, and to halt mail service to keep it from piling up and signaling your absence. Keep your neighbor in the loop for any kind of activity including shoveling or maintenance that may occur at the property while you are gone.


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